Mayafolkets koppling till Venus

Ur Diana Coopers bok The keys to the universe:
At the fall of Atlantis, the great High Priestess Aphrodite led her tribe to South America, where they became the Mayans. Like the Incas and the Aztecs the first Mayans originated from Venus and brought with them love and wisdom.
They are famed for their knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, which enabled them to calculate the Mayan calender, covering the time span 3114BC to 2012 AD.
Their wisdom was programmed into their cosmic pyramids, wich they built, accurately aligned to the stars and galaxies. They were calibrated to connect with Venus and Andromeda on 21 december 2012 to release the incredible information about Atlantis as well as stellar knowledge programmed within. The Mayans call this cosmic moment 'Creation day'.
The prophecy says that the force touching the pyramids on that day will accelerate the ascension of individuals and the planet.
29 jul 2014

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